Loved and Loving

In my life, I have learned many lessons and would like to address one in particular. I believe that if you can accept this lesson, too, as I did, you will find a source of help within yourself that will enable you to feel at home in this world.

人生で、私はいろいろなレッスン(教訓)を学びました。ここでは、特にそのひとつをお話します。 もしあなたが、私のようにこのレッスンを受け入れられたら、自分の内に助けとなる源を見出し、この世で安心を得ることができるでしょう。

I was born in Canada in 1920 of extremely loving parents, yet as a young child I felt lost and alone. I had negative attitudes about myself which grew very strong as the years went by, though I shared them with no one. These attitudes no doubt affected my ability to live a happy and productive life in the world.

私は1920年にとても愛情深い両親のもとに生まれました。しかし、子供時代は困惑し孤独でした。 自分を否定的にとらえていたのです。それは成長とともに強まっていきましたが、誰にもそのことを言いませんでした。言うまでもなく、このような自己否定は人生を幸せに建設的に生きる助けになりませんでした。

Yet, in spite of this inner turmoil and negativity, I was able to establish an inner relationship with God, for this relationship is the birthright of all of us. Through that relationship I discovered in a very deep way that I was truly and unconditionally loved, and that being loved by the Divine, I could discover how to give love back to my world.


This loving relationship with God brought me joy and was the basis for the work that I did with Peter and Eileen Caddy, who also experienced their own contact with the God Within. It enabled me eventually to be able to travel and develop workshops through which I could share this love and joy with others. In so doing, I learned a lot, and was able to give my version of love to the world, similar to what God had given to me.


Although we are often taught that love rules creation, the natural history of our world has been filled with struggle and contest. Life on this planet is challenging. Over billions of years, an immense variety of life has arisen then disappeared, flourished for a time, then vanished as the earth went through various changes and upheavals. In our personal lives we often experience ourselves being hard done by, and admit that we have acted in non-loving ways. In the midst of conflict within ourselves and in the world around us, is there any hope? Is there anything we can really do to change things?

私たちは「愛が創造を支配する」とよく教えられますが、この世界の自然史は対立と競争で満たされてきました。地球上での人生は挑戦的です。何十億年もの間、膨大なる数の命が誕生しては消え去っていきました。 しばしの間、隆盛をきわめたとしても、地球の多様な変化や大変動によって消滅していきました。


Yes, there is. はい、あります。

It has been said that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause a hurricane in another part – known as a Butterfly Effect.This suggests that we are all planetary learners and changers. Therefore we can change what has been; we are not bound to the past. This is what I discovered as a young woman when I realized that through the love I felt from the God Within, I did not have to be bound to the negative attitudes of my past. Humanity has done many negative things in the world and has suffered, but we can move beyond this when we realise that we are truly loved, and so can find in ourselves the ability to also be loving.


We need to stand in the power of our person hoods, the power of the sacred in us, of the joy within, of being ourselves. We need to stop judging ourselves for the thoughts and impulses that arise that may frighten us or that seem bad to us; we have the power to say NO to them, just as we have the power to say YES to love. And if we err, we can learn from our mistakes. We can rise up from any failures and act anew through the power of this love.


So let you and me, we instinctive seekers of truth, realise that we are all advancing into greater awareness, into knowing we are all loved and are loving in our lives. And in so doing, may God’s marvellous invention, a sense of humour, aid us mightily.












Dorothy Maclean